Westcoast Jams


Here we engulf ourselves in some westcoast jams, with bands that doesn’t necessarily have to come from the west coast but all playing that laid-back breezy Californian vibe. Among the highlights of the show is the extremely rare self-titled mini-album by Al Manfredi, which he pressed in about 100 copies for demo purposes and with only very few known to exist today. Also the highly acclaimed Kristyl album is worthy a mention, as it is not only a solid album but one of the true classics in the private press world and discovered already in the ´80s by the legendary Paul Major. Furthermore, we want to highlight the underrated debut of Help Yourself, which in our opinion, is one of the best westcoast-sounding albums from the UK. With that said, we hope you will enjoy our selection of (mostly) 7 minutes westcoast jams.

Al Manfredi-s/t (Band n’ Vocal, 1973)
-Blue Gold
Help Yourself-s/t (Liberty, 1971)    
-Old Man
Snakegrinder-And the shredded Fieldmice (Alligator Shoes, 1977)  
-Love Junkie
Turnquist Remedy-Iowa By the Sea (Pentagram, 1970)  
-All Gone Blues Act II  
Lacewing – Paradox (Mainstream, 1971)    
Kristyl – s/t (No label, 1975)
-The Valley of Life