Summer Special - Not One Bummer the Whole Summer


Summer is here (and is almost over in Sweden) so we put together a special episode with some favorite summer tunes. The selection in today’s show is not only sunshine pop and breezy vibes but instead we cover a broad range of styles, including heavy Swedish progg, real people, private press psych, downer folk and only one sunshine pop track. A perfect mix for lazy days at the beach.

Stone Harbour - Emerges (Stone Harbour, 1974)
- Summer Magic Is Gone
Michael Farneti - Good Morning Kisses (Full Moon, 1976)
- Nineteenth Summer
Dagens Rätt - Sommarregn (IMAS Records, 1972)
- Jag ville, jag vore
Jeff Eubank - A Street Called Straight (Dorothea Records, 1983)
- Summersong
Mecki Mark Men - Running In the Summer Night (Limelight, 1969)
- Running In the Summer Night
Mark Eric - A Midsummer’s Day Dream (Revue, 1969)
- Where Did the Girls of the Summer Go
Hard Meat - Through a Window (Warner Bros, 1970)
-A Song of Summer

Also, check out this great footage from Swedish TV of Mecki Mark Men performing "Running In the Summer Night".  

Episode 7 - Are You Ready for the Mountains? Introducing Tumbleweed Records


Tumbleweed was founded by Bill Symczyk and Larry Ray, which at that time worked for ABC-Dunhill but because of fears for a major earthquake in LA in the early 70s they decided to move to Denver, Colorado where the new label had its office. All of the recordings however were still done in studios in LA with seasoned studio pros backing the label artists. The whole project was paid for by Gulf+Western, which kept the party going for 2 years until the money ran out and the label folded in 1973. At that time Tumbleweed Records had released 9 albums and recorded many more, which until this day remains unreleased. The story of Tumbleweed Records is both unusual and entertaining and it seemed to have been a great time for everyone involved where not only the recordings but also the extensive partying was sponsored by Gulf+Western. Apart from that the label also succeeded in releasing some great music and in this episode we will play six of the most interesting albums (the seventh and last artist was not on Tumbleweed but has a distant connection to it, as you will hear in the episode).

Danny Holien-s/t (1972)
Arthur Gee-s/t (1971)
-Dawn of Time
Robb Kunkel-Abyss (1973)
-You Were the Morning
Dewey Terry-Chief (1972)
-Sweet As Spring
Rudy Romero-To the World (1973)
-Simple Things
Pete McCabe-The Man Who Ate the Plant (1973)
-Magic Box*
Ruthie Allen-Colorado Folk vol II (1974)
-Bow and Arrow

*In my excitement during the show I (Martin) mix up the song title Magic Box with Music Box, which is another song on the album but it's not the song we play. The actual titel of the song in the show is Magic Box and nothing else.

More info:

Here is an interview with Robb Kunkel telling the story of Tumbleweed and all of its releases.

Pete McCabe is still active as a musician so check out his webpage and here you can read an interesting interview with him. 

The Wild Adventures of the Strange Man - Interview with Michal Hasek

This is an interview with the Canadian singer-songwriter Michal Hasek, who did several privately pressed albums and performed all over Canada and the US during the ‘70s and ‘80s. In this interview, he share some of the stories from his time as a traveling musician, including hanging out with Alan Watts at the Ottumwa Heights Catholic College and being kicked off stage by Janis Joplin.

Michal was born in Czechoslovakia in 1946. Not long after, his family fled from the Soviet Union and after a few years living in various countries they eventually settled down in Canada. As a teenager in Toronto in the ´60s, he found himself in the midst of the current folk boom and he soon become part of the community of aspiring musicians hanging out in the hip neighborhood of Yorkville. He started playing coffeehouses and bars all over Canada as well as doing several tours in the Midwest. In 1974 his first album was released on his own imprint, Naja, which received some airplay and was later distributed by A&M (check out Acid Archives for a review of the album). He continued to play throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s and privately released two more albums, The Radio Play in 1978 and Night Fear in 1989.

We wish to thank Aaron Dunn for helping us get in contact with Michal, David Brown for kind permission to use some of his photos and Nathan Wisnicki for helping out with the recording.

Michal Hasek - s/t (1974) 
-Naja (intro tune)
-Strange Man
-Kick'N The Ass - Amchitka    
Alan Watts - This Is It (1962)
-Love You
Michal Hasek with Sundog - The Radio Play (1978)
-The Radio Play
Michal Hasek - Night Fear (1989)
-Night Fear (second version)
Michal Hasek
-Northern Lights (bonus material to the CD version of his debut, recorded in the early ‘70s)
Michal Hasek - Hasek (compilation)
-Nottawasaga (recorded in the early ‘70s)