Guest Mix for Torn and Frayed


We've put together a mix of some well-known and unknown psych tracks for Torn and Frayed. We hope you enjoy the selection. 


Georgie Porgie and the Cry Babies – The Lake
Common People-Those Who Love
Rick Saucedo-In My Mind
Ars Nova-And How Am I To Know
Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit and Greenhill-Day of Childhood
David Santo-Rising of Scorpio
Hollins & Starr-Talking To Myself
Unknown Artist-Coming Down
Glass Bubble-You Don’t Need A Reason
Mecki Mark Men-Midnight Land
Tow-Away Zone-Shabd
Twentieth Century Zoo-Stallion of Fate
Village STOP-Vibration

What's the Concept?


The concept album format really started to evolve during the psychedelic era of the late ‘60s, and reached its height in the progressive scene of the early ‘70s, where the album became the main artistic expression. Here, we highlight some unusual concept and context-based albums, with some concept ideas being stranger than others. We hope you find the selection interesting and that you seek out some of these albums to listen to them as a whole (to fully grasp the meaning of the concept!).

A New Place To Live-s/t (Mandala, 1972)
-The Moon Tune
Mandrake Memorial-Puzzle (Poppy, 1970)
Dr Z-Three Parts To My Soul (Spiritus, Manes et Umbra) (Vertigo, 1971)
-Evil Woman’s Manly Child
Dreamies-Auralgraphic Entertainment (Stone Theater. 1974)
-Excerpt from Program Ten
Robert Callender-Le Musée de L'Impressionnisme (Phillips, 1975)
- Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
Jimmie Haskell-California ’99 (ABC, 1971)
-Jessica Stone

Psych Records on a Shoestring


We’re continuing our series of episodes of cheap quality records (an earlier episode can be found here). In this episode, we’re mainly focusing on psych 45s but we also included a few full length LPs, which all coast around $10 and are easy to find. As usual, the bulk of the artists are from the US but we also mix it up with some affordable Italian prog and Swedish progg. We hope that some of these record are new to you and something that you look for next time you're out digging.

Scorpion (American Recording Company, 1973)
-I’m Only Human
The Tow-Away Zone (Epic, 1968)
Dennis Stoner-s/t (Vantage, 1971)
-Lost Along the Highway
Dalton, James and Sutton (RCA, 1972)
Tritons (Barclay, 1973)
Thomas Wiehe-Drömskugga (Silence, 1974)
-Raga vid de relativas nollpunkt
Jordan (Golden Chariot, 1974)
-Do You Know What It’s Like

*We're discussing the meaning of the word "Shabd" during the episode but without reaching a conclusion. After a quick google we realized that "Shabd" means "word" or "sound" in Hindi.

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