It's Completely Hypnotic


We’re thrilled to finally have our friend Anders Alexander with us on the show. Anders is a record collector and dealer from Southern Sweden (now living in Stockholm) who’s been hunting records since the 80s. Nowadays he sells records under the name Vinylkatten at record fairs and in his own pop-up record store. For the show, he brought an eclectic mix of records, ranging from under-the-radar gems and dollar-bin alerts to psych grails, and we promise and episode filled with psychedelic saxophones, cocaine flutes (Anders favorite instrument), troglodyte rock and hypnotic vibes.

For more of Anders records check out his instagram @dailypsychvinyl

Bob Seger System (Capitol, 1968)
-Death Row
Adam (Mala, 1966)
The Facedancers-s/t (Paramount, 1972)   
-Dreamer’s Lullabye
Baris Manco (Türküola, 1972)   
-Ölum Allahin Emri
Wizz Jones-Right On (CBS, 1972)   
-One Grain of Sand
Amazing Friendly Apple (Decca, 1969)   
Joseph-Stoned Age Man (Scepter, 1970)
-I Ain’t Fattenin’ No More Frogs For Snakes
The Electric Toilet-In the Hands of Karma (Nasco, 1970)
-Within Your State of Mind

Let's Get Personal


We’ve been doing this podcast for over five years now and recorded 70 episodes, including 23 interviews with other collectors and musicians. Over the years some have asked us about how we got into collecting records, so in this episode we’re going to tell you about our personal musical journeys and how we got deeper into the psychedelic rabbit hole. The records in this episode represent a development in terms of taste or collecting and while my selection is all about the psych classics, Viktor throws in a wild bunch of songs.

MC5 – Kick Out the Jams (Elektra, 1969)
-Ramblin’ Rose
Dantalian’s Chariot (Columbia, 1967)
-The Madman Running Through the Fields
Tom Waits – Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards (Anti-, 2006)
-Two Sisters
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Part One (Reprise, 1967)
King Khan & the BBQ Show (Goner, 2005)
-Waddlin’ Around
Mu – s/t (RTV, 1971)
-Blue Form
Gandalf – s/t (Capitol, 1969)
-Me About You
Frank Ocean (Blonded, 2018)
-Moon River
Darius – s/t (Chartmaker, 1968)
-Blow My Mind
Perry Leopold – Experiments in Metaphysics (no label, 1970)
-Cold In Philadelphia

Cosmic American Music Part 1


Inspired by Numero Group’s compilation Cosmic American Music we felt we wanted to do a take on that theme. However, as neither of us have so much country records in our collections this episode turned out to be a little bit more eclectic with songs inspired by American roots music in general, so it will be some country-tinged tracks but also blues and folk. As we had more tunes lined up than we could squeeze into this episode we will return with a part 2 of this theme. Featured in this episode is also two contemporary artists, Part-Time Lover and Evan Haywood, as we continue with our new segment of playing modern music. Part-Time Lover will release an EP in October on Blue Arrow Records in Cleveland and included here is one of the tracks, “Magic Child”. Evan Haywood is just finishing up his second album “Perfumed Gardens” and we play “Ashes of Oblivion” from the LP.  

George Law – s/t (Bongwater Records, 1977)
-Clouded Mind
Drendall, Thrower and Friends – Papa Never Let Me Sing the Blues (Deacon Productions, 1972)
-Papa Never Let Me Sing the Blues
Peter Grudzien – Album nr. 2 (in Two Sides) “The Garden of Love” (Subliminal Sounds, 2007)
-Kiss Me Another
Kathy Ford – s/t (The Great Arts and Farces Company, 1980)
-Kid From Colorado
Dennis – Lay By Me (Roadside Records, 1978)
-Open the Door
Bureman & O’Rourke – Strawberry Pickin’s (Pearce, 1974)
The Trio – s/t (No label, 1969-70/2015)
-Kind Sir