Summer Special - Not One Bummer the Whole Summer


Summer is here (and is almost over in Sweden) so we put together a special episode with some favorite summer tunes. The selection in today’s show is not only sunshine pop and breezy vibes but instead we cover a broad range of styles, including heavy Swedish progg, real people, private press psych, downer folk and only one sunshine pop track. A perfect mix for lazy days at the beach.

Stone Harbour - Emerges (Stone Harbour, 1974)
- Summer Magic Is Gone
Michael Farneti - Good Morning Kisses (Full Moon, 1976)
- Nineteenth Summer
Dagens Rätt - Sommarregn (IMAS Records, 1972)
- Jag ville, jag vore
Jeff Eubank - A Street Called Straight (Dorothea Records, 1983)
- Summersong
Mecki Mark Men - Running In the Summer Night (Limelight, 1969)
- Running In the Summer Night
Mark Eric - A Midsummer’s Day Dream (Revue, 1969)
- Where Did the Girls of the Summer Go
Hard Meat - Through a Window (Warner Bros, 1970)
-A Song of Summer

Also, check out this great footage from Swedish TV of Mecki Mark Men performing "Running In the Summer Night".