The Story of Rockadelic Records - Interview with Rich Haupt, part 2


In this second and last part of our interview with Rich Haupt we continue to listen to some of the mind expanding releases of Rockadelic Records, and just as in the first part the music here include contemporary acts, reissues of truly rare records and unreleased archival material from '70s psych bands. Rich also tells us the legendary digging story of how he and Mark Migliore found the Jr. and His Soulettes album in a record warehouse in Oklahoma City, which led to the bizarre meeting with Harold Moore Sr, who was the father to the children that recorded the album, and everything about this story is just unbelievable.

Rockadelic Records was a unique label in the early days of reissuing obscure music as they also put out unreleased recordings, which today are standard procedure among reissue labels but was largely unheard of in the late '80s. True is also that much of the unreleased material matches the quality of many of the classic titles of the era and has now become classics themselves among underground psych collectors.

Brain Police-Rather See You Dead
Stone Garden-Oceans Inside Me
Mill Run Band-Easy
Peacepipe-Bikers Tune/Open Your Mind
Wailing Wall-Scissor-Tailed Swallow
Kath-Lonely Again
Fish Eyed Lens-Turn It Up

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