Episode 2 - Down By Maple River, Canadian folk-rock


Finally it’s time for an episode devoted only to Canadian artists. However, to narrow it down a little bit we’ve chosen to focus on some of the excellent major label folk-rock albums recorded in the country during the '70s and for the most part we’re going to bury ourselves deep into the CSN and Neil Young influenced folk-rock but also have a listen to a few stunning acid-folk tunes. It’s striking how many quality artists that were signed by the Canadian offices of Columbia and Polydor, which expect for the artist in the episode, also released Fraser & Debolt, Roger Rodier and Life among others. So hats off to the A&R departments that provided us collectors with so many obscure records that both have that underground feel and at the same time the recording quality of a major label.

The songs in this episode are all good examples of the fine Canadian folk-rock and acid-folk sound and while most of them are renowned and appreciated today we also think that some artists, like D’Arcy Draper should be more well-known and could very well be placed up there with Riverson and Perth County Conspiracy as one of the top Canadian folk-rock albums.  

D'Arcy-Back at the Beginning (Absolu 1972)
Riverson-same (Columbia 1973)
-Winter Garden
Tapestry-Down by Maple River (Polydor 1973)
-Years Going By
Ptarmigan-same (Columbia 1974)
-The Island
Perth County Conspiracy-Does Not Exist (Columbia 1970)
-Crucifixation Cartoon
Shawi-same (Intervalle 1980)
-Un air de printemps