Episode 4 - Organdrivers! '60s/'70s British Psych and Prog


Moving on with the UK underground scene and in this episode we are discussing the transition from psychedelic to progressive music. As the '60s came to an end the bands started to incorporate more progressive elements, which by the early '70s had developed into full-blown progressive rock with all its pretentious virtuosity and symphonic grandeur. This was a time when music development really accelerated and in this episode we will listen to bands like Arzachel and Pussy with one foot still in psychedelia to fully developed keyboard dominated progressive rock with Spring and Bodkin just a few years later. Progressive rock stretched the definition of modern popular music and really dominated the UK music scene for a few years until the genre crumbled underneath its own weight in the late '70s and with the introduction of punk and disco.

Arzachel – s/t (Evolution) 1969
- Garden of Earthly Delight
Pussy- Pussy Plays (Morgan Blue Town) 1969
-All of My Life
Ramases - Space Hymns (Vertigo) 1971
-Life Child
Shuttah - The Image Maker, vol. I & II (IBC/Shadoks) 1971/2006
-The Wizard
Spring - s/t (RCA Neon) 1971
-The Prisoner (Eight by Ten)
Bodkin - s/t (West) 1972
-Three Days After Death Part I

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