Episode 3 - Everybody Down at the UFO Club! British Pop-Psych

This is the first out of four episodes about the UK underground psych and prog. In this first episode we are focusing on the early psychedelia scene in 1967-68. As with the pop cultural development in the US, psychedelia really becomes big in the UK around 1966-67 and many of the R&B and beat band would be turned on by psychedelia and completely transform during this period of time. The early British psychedelia is usually very pop oriented with strong emphasis on melodies but would soon develop into more heavy psych and progressive with more complex song structures, as we will hear in later episodes. This is the beginning of a whole range of styles that would be dominating the rock music in the 70s.

Giles, Giles and Fripp – The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles and Fripp (Deram) 1967
- How Do They Know
Dantalian’s Chariot (Columbia) 1967
-Mad Man Running Through the Fields
Skip Bifferty – s/t (RCA-Victor) 1967
-Yours For At least 24
Art – Supernatural Fairy Tales (Island) 1967
-Love Is Real
Wimple winch (Fontana 1967)
 Mike Stuart Span (Jewel) 1968 
-Children of Tomorrow