Mystery Jukebox with Jens Unosson

Drawing by Jens Unosson

Drawing by Jens Unosson

In this episode we introduce a new concept for the podcast and we call it the Mystery Jukebox. The idea is simple, we let a collector or listener send us a secret playlist, which we have no pre-knowledge about and let the selector take us on a journey to the unknown. After we have listened and discussed each of the track the artist identity will be revealed for us and you. For the first episode in this series Jens Unosson have selected 11 tracks for us. Jens is a long-time collector and psychedelic scholar from the deep forest of Northern Sweden. When he’s not tending to his farm he runs an on-line webpage, beautifullies, where you can find weird and esoteric records for sale. As this is a secret playlist we will not disclose Jens´ selection by writing it out beforehand and ruin all the fun for you guys and girls. Hope you’ll like it!

Cosmic American Music Part 2


Here we return yet again to the concept of Cosmic American Music, as we didn’t have the time to play you all of the tracks in part 1. In this second part, we mix lesser-known records with some true classics as well as revisiting a few artists that we have already listened to in pervious episodes. We also highlight two great new acts, James Matthew VII and Dalton Correction. James Matthew VII will have his debut LP “Cosmic Folk Ballads” released next year and we listen to his composition “Stoned When I Pray”, while Dalton Correction put out their debut in 2017 on Possible Records, and from that one we play “Yarará”.

JB Sky-Reach for the Sky (Gypsy Child Records, 1977)
-Lonesome Cowboys
Euphoria – A Gift From Euphoria (Capitol, 1969)
-Sweet Fanny Adams
Bob Patterson (R.D.P, 1971)   
-Darlin’ Good Girl
Alexander “Skip” Spence-Oar (Columbia, 1969) 
-Broken Heart
Scotti-For Friends (Strawberry, 1974)
-Brand New Day
Cambridge-Share A Song (Green Dolphin, 1977)
-Share A Song
Mark and Suzann Farmer – We’ve Been There (MSJ, 1978)   
-Waiting For the Dawn

It's Completely Hypnotic


We’re thrilled to finally have our friend Anders Alexander with us on the show. Anders is a record collector and dealer from Southern Sweden (now living in Stockholm) who’s been hunting records since the 80s. Nowadays he sells records under the name Vinylkatten at record fairs and in his own pop-up record store. For the show, he brought an eclectic mix of records, ranging from under-the-radar gems and dollar-bin alerts to psych grails, and we promise an episode filled with psychedelic saxophones, cocaine flutes (Anders favorite instrument), troglodyte rock and hypnotic vibes.

For more of Anders records check out his instagram @dailypsychvinyl

Bob Seger System (Capitol, 1968)
-Death Row
Adam (Mala, 1966)
The Facedancers-s/t (Paramount, 1972)   
-Dreamer’s Lullabye
Baris Manco (Türküola, 1972)   
-Ölum Allahin Emri
Wizz Jones-Right On (CBS, 1972)   
-One Grain of Sand
Amazing Friendly Apple (Decca, 1969)   
Joseph-Stoned Age Man (Scepter, 1970)
-I Ain’t Fattenin’ No More Frogs For Snakes
The Electric Toilet-In the Hands of Karma (Nasco, 1970)
-Within Your State of Mind