Cosmic American Music Part 1


Inspired by Numero Group’s compilation Cosmic American Music we felt we wanted to do a take on that theme. However, as neither of us have so much country records in our collections this episode turned out to be a little bit more eclectic with songs inspired by American roots music in general, so it will be some country-tinged tracks but also blues and folk. As we had more tunes lined up than we could squeeze into this episode we will return with a part 2 of this theme. Featured in this episode is also two contemporary artists, Part-Time Lover and Evan Haywood, as we continue with our new segment of playing modern music. Part-Time Lover will release an EP in October on Blue Arrow Records in Cleveland and included here is one of the tracks, “Magic Child”. Evan Haywood is just finishing up his second album “Perfumed Gardens” and we play “Ashes of Oblivion” from the LP.  

George Law – s/t (Bongwater Records, 1977)
-Clouded Mind
Drendall, Thrower and Friends – Papa Never Let Me Sing the Blues (Deacon Productions, 1972)
-Papa Never Let Me Sing the Blues
Peter Grudzien – Album nr. 2 (in Two Sides) “The Garden of Love” (Subliminal Sounds, 2007)
-Kiss Me Another
Kathy Ford – s/t (The Great Arts and Farces Company, 1980)
-Kid From Colorado
Dennis – Lay By Me (Roadside Records, 1978)
-Open the Door
Bureman & O’Rourke – Strawberry Pickin’s (Pearce, 1974)
The Trio – s/t (No label, 1969-70/2015)
-Kind Sir

News From the Singles Department Part 2


Here we continue to explore some great psych 45s (press here for part 1). The focus in Part 1 was more on heavy psych and hard rock while in this epsiode we listen to some classic psych and folk-psych sounding singles. We also do a follow-up on Conception (which we included in Part 1) as we been in contact with more people involved in the band and we now have a more complete history of the group. In this episode we also introduce a new segment to the podcast where we highlight some newly released tracks and first out is the band Salt Lick with their heavy sounding Doctor (of Love). 

The Red House (Big K, 1969)
-Mary Anne
Simple Simon and the Piemen (Regency, 1967)
-People of Time
Plastic Cloud (Allied, 1968)
-Shadows of Your Mind
Conception (Perfection, 1969)
-The Game
David Santo (Phoenix, 1968)
-Rising of Scorpio
Yankee Dollar (Dot, 1969)
-Reflection of a Shattered Mind
Gerry Pond (Reprise, 1966)
-The Sometime Girl
Two Rivers! (Manfred Janssen/Jim Vautour) (CBC, 197?)
-Sweet Harmony

For more info on Salt Lick press here.

Interview with Lance Barresi


We’re so glad to have Lance Barresi of Permanent Records joining the show again (click here to listen to our first interview). Last time we spoke was more than a year ago and a lot has happen since. In this episode we focus on the newly released “Sixth Trip” of the Brown Acid Compilation Series and we listen to five tracks from this volume. Lance also gives us a first listen to a track for the “Seventh Trip”, which will be out on Halloween this year. We also listen to Spiny Norman - a band featured on the second Brown Acid volume but which a full length album of unreleased material was released by RidingEasy Records earlier this year. Besides that we also discuss record collecting in general and the future of vinyl. 

Truth & Janey (Sound Communications, 1972)
-Midnight Horseman
West Minist’r (Magic Records, 1971)
-My Life
Flight (Blecman Records, 1974)
-Luvin’, Huggin’, and More
Purgatory (Not on Label, 1970)
-Polar Expedition
Zendik (Pslhrtz, 1970)
-Is There No Peace
Summit (North Room Records, 1969)
-The Darkness
Spiny Normen (RidingEasy Record, 2018)
-Bell Park Loon