Episode 12 - Psychedelic Folk Music!


Folk music played an important role in the development of psychedelic rock and folk musicians were part of introducing psychedelics to mainstream popular culture in the mid-‘60s, which until then had only been known among “bohemian jetsetters” and academics. In this episode we play some favorite folk-psych acts from different parts of the world. The selection of songs covers a broad spectrum of the genre and includes both group- and communal oriented bands, and solo acts as well as some of the many different styles, e.g. blues, eastern, “acid” and downer, which exist within the realms of psychedelic folk music. We hope you’ll enjoy!

C.O.B-Moyshe McStiff & The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart (Polydor Folkmill, 1972)
-Sheba's Return/Lion Of Judah
All That the Name Implies (Oro, 1968)
-Black Tuesday
Jake Holmes-The Above Ground Sound of (Tower, 1967)
Turid-Vittras Visor (Silence, 1971)
-Chrystal Shade of Loneliness
Graham James-What Is Me? (Rene, 1974)
-The Superlative Life Is Free
Peter Kelley-Dealin´Blues (Sire, 1971)
-He Could Never Feel
Oriental Sunshine-Dedicated To the Bird We Love (Philips, 1970)
-Across Your Life
Amory Kane-Just To Be There (CBS, 1970)

For more info on C.O.B, check out Patrick Lundborg’s excellent in-depth review and for the full story on Oriental Sunshine see Flashback Magazine issue #6.

Episode 11 - Getting Heavy With Lance Barresi, ‘70s Hard Rock and Heavy Psych


We are proud to have Lance Barresi from Permanent Records as our special guest editor in this episode and he has put together a great tracklist for us with a lot of rare hard rock and heavy psych bands. The majority of the cuts are taken from the Brown Acid compilations, a project that he runs together with Daniel Hall of RidingEasy Records, and in April the fourth trip in the series will be released.

Since a young age, Lance has been interested in music, especially unusual and independent artists – “I've never been one to be satisfied with the status quo or mainstream culture. When I discovered punk, independent, and underground music in junior high school, I never turned back”. His interest in records led to the opening of his own record store in Chicago in 2006, which he started together with Liz Tooley, and in 2011 Permanent Records expanded to Los Angeles, where they live today. The need to stock records for the stores and his own interest in discovering new music has led to an never-ending hunt for records, and like many serious collectors he has also spent a lot of time tracking bands down that are of particular interest to him. Through the process of contacting the bands, he also got the idea to compile and license the music and this developed into the Brown Acid compilation series. In this episode we’re going to hear a few of the artists that Lance has been in contact with over the years.

Headstones (Rome, 197?)
-Carry Me On
Bad Axe (Permanent, 2014/1973)
Iron Knowledge (Tammy, 1972)
- Show Stopper
Crossfield (Toy, 197?)
- Take It
Grand Theft – s/t (No label, 1972)
- Scream (It's Eating Me Alive)
Factory (Oak, 1971)
- Time Machine
Chicago Triangle – Emergence (Dynamite, 1977)
- Ripped Off
Zipper – Zipper (Whizeagle, 1975)
- Rollin' and Tumblin'

Episode 10 - Welcome to the Psychedelic Lounge, an Introduction to Lounge Music with Stefan Kéry


This episode we dedicate to Lounge music and due to the vastness of Lounge albums being released we have invited the expert Stefan Kéry for a proper introduction to this brand of music. Lounge differs from many other types of music as it is not a music genre, style or a scene but is instead defined by the setting of where it is performed, namely in a Lounge environment. These bands were hired as the musical entertainment in cocktail bars at motels, resorts etc for the customers to enjoy while they were sipping their drinks. To keep the customers satisfied the band played a broad variety of styles, which often included familiar and popular tunes of the day. A few daring bands also had one or two self-penned songs in their repertoire. To make some extra money they usually had an album or two to sell to intoxicated customers during their show, and a small fraction of these Lounge albums have the X-factor that create an unique and sometimes psychedelic experience. In this episode Stefan Kéry, who has been collecting Lounge albums since the 1980s, has picked out a few of these special albums for us. So make yourself a cocktail and let Stefan guide you through the dim lit twilight zone that is Lounge music.

Willy Wall Trio-The Traveling Sounds (No label, 1969)
The J Ann C Trio-At Tan-Tar-A (Birdland, 1966)
Los Bandidos-Live At the Velvet Coach (Little Crow, 1972)
-Hey Jude
Lloyd Lindroth-Superharp (Mitchlind, 1970)
Sandra Kaye and the New Breed-On the Road (Dunn, 1973)
-Let It Ride
Onstage Majority-Solo Flight (No label, 1971)
-For Now
Kaplan Brothers-Nightbird (Quinton, 1976)