Episode 15 - More than Motown, The Private Press Sound of Michigan


Our friend Rodney Pate sits in with us on this episode to talk about Michigan area bands from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Rod is a DJ and collector from Ann Arbor Michigan, and has been focusing on collecting local private press records. He also has his own radio show, Right On Radio at the long running freeform radio station WCBN based at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he plays an all-analog show of obscure psychedelia and conducts interviews with artists from the area. For this episode, Rod has selected some of the lesser-known bands he has encountered over the years and it’s going to be a varied show - ranging from heavy psych and garage to real people music and folk.

Beau Biens (Malibu, 1967)
-Time Passed
Glass Sun Band (Sound Patterns, 1972)
-Silence In the Morning
Jef Fisk & Tom Shader--For Sam (Bird Productions, 1976)
Bob Boden-Rick Hamming (Silver Circle, 1978)
-Home Wrecker
Rick and J.B.-Wake Up and Smell the Coffee… (DGA, 1977)
-(You Keep Me) Satisfied
Pat’s People-Silver Rain Afar (197?)
-December Sequel
Peter Stark-Mushroom Country (Montage, 1976)
-Many Times
Stoney and the Jagged Edge-Chasing Rainbows (Big Beat, 1968/2014)
Bob Cameron-Home-Style Stone Soup comp. (Sweetwax, 1974)
-Four in the Morning

Episode 14 – The Affordable Care Act, an Exclusive Selection of Cheap Quality Records


In this episode Viktor take a stand for the cheap record and have picked out some affordable but still great singer-songwriter and folk albums for the show. In this age of high-bidding eBay auctions, record flippers and monster rarities everywhere it is easy to forget the vast amount of cheap quality music that is still around and easy to find. So in this episode we try to remember that great music doesn’t have to come with a big price tag.

Cheap vinyl – for your health!

Jerry Merrick - Follow Follow Follow (Mercury, 1969)
 -Sweet Baby
Tommy James - s/t (Roulette, 1970)
-Meet the Comer
Two Friends-s/t (Natural Resources, 1972)
-Long Way Hard Road
Jeffrey Cain - Whispering Thunder (Racoon, 1972)
-Soul Train
John Martyn- Inside Out (Island, 1973)
-Fine Lines
Mike Cooper - Do I know you? (Dawn/Janus, 1970)
-Think she knows me now
Sören Hansen - Ikväll (Mistlur, 1978)
-Dagen är över

Episode 13 - A new age for New Age? Interview with Douglas Mcgowan


In this episode we talk to Douglas Mcgowan of Numero Group about the misunderstood genre of New Age music. Douglas is the curator of the New Age compilations, “I Am the Center” and “The Microcosm” and he also runs the successful reissue labels, Yoga Records and Ethereal Sequence, which have re-released some fantastic music over the years. New Age has been a part of psychedelic culture that we have found difficult to get a hang of and we’re therefore glad that Douglas joined this show and gave us a proper introduction to the genre. He has picked out some wonderful tunes for us in this episode and we hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we do!

Satoshi Ashikawa (1982)
-Still Space
David Casper – Crystal Waves (1984)
-Crystal Waves I
Suzanne Doucet and Christian Buehner-Transmission (1983)
-Shiva’s Dance (excerpt)
Don Slepian-Open Spaces (1980)
-Awakening (excerpt)
Swami Kriya Ramananda-Hymn To A New Age (1981)
-Hymn To A New Age (excerpt)
Joanna Brouk-Sounds of the Sea (1981)
Diving Deeper, Remembering Love
KZ Smith and Dave Erickson-Blue Skies (1985)
-Sweet Dreams

More info:

Check out this lecture about New Age music that Douglas' gave at University of Oregan, and his New Age playlist on Spotify.