The Perennial Philosophy Mix


A new mix of folk, spiritual psych and post-hippie mindsets.

Aldous Huxley – Excerpt from Visionary Experience Vol. II
Sounds of Salvation – Love III
Hosanna – Why Are Thou Disquieted?
Brent Titcomb – Tibetan Bells
Murari – The One Who Loves Me Best   
The Two Rivers! – Cast Out From the Castle
Dennis Loren – Let Go
Michael Cassidy – There Is a Light
Michael McGrath – The Awakened   
Severance and Cassidy – Feather In the Wind   
Bob Patterson – Bed of Roses
Patterson and Pults – Loneliness Is Only In Your Own Mind 
Don Ebbett – Fire In the Sky
Windwords – Take Me Away
Ebbanflo – The Unicorn Song
Demi Heure – Clochers et Maisons
Garrett Schroeder – Maze of Dreams

DJ-set with Paul Major


This is part of a DJ-set that we did together with Paul Major at Geronimo's FGT in Stockholm, July 2018.

Darius - I Feel the Need to Carry On
St John Green - Canyon Woman
Daisy Chain - All Because of You
Anonymous - Who’s Been Foolin’?
Jade Stone and Luv - Reality
Marcus - Sweet Inspiration
New Dawn - Life Goes On
Peter Grudzien - The Unicorn
Dark - Maypole
Jeff Liberman - Phenaphen no. 3
Last Call of Shiloh - Marriage Supper of the Lamb
Help - Life Worth Living
Relatively Clean Rivers - A Thousand Years
Snakegrinder - Love Junkie
Tripsichord - Fly Baby
Bent Wind - Riverside
Creation of Sunlight - David
D.R. Hooker - This Thing
Stonewall - Outer Spaced
Travis - Lovin You’
Majic Ship - Life’s Lonely Road
Zerfas - You Never Win
Erik - Rebel Woman
The Red House - Mary Anne
Conception - Babylon
Frank Monroe - Looking At You
Village STOP - Vibration
Clap - Out of the Shadows
Steve Morgen - Beggin’ Your Pardon (Miss Joan)

DJ-set - Klara Radio, June 2

This is a DJ-set that we played on Klara Radio on June 2, 2018. 

Naomi – I Have a Blue Sky
Lila – Step Into Time
Justyn Rees – Beyond
These Trails – Share Your Water
Melodic Energy Commission – Revise the Scene
Mandrake Memorial – Hiding
Time – Sad Benjamin
Oriental Sunshine – Across Your Life
D.R. Hooker – Forge Your Own Chains
Owl – As the World Keeps Turning
Conception – The Game
Anonymous – Baby Come Risin’
Wizards From Kansas – Flyaway Days
T Kail – Progress