Full Circle - An Interview with Paul Major


We are honored to have Paul Major with us for the 80th and final episode of Arkivet. Paul has been one of the most influential persons for this podcast as the guru of obscure psychedelic and private press records. In order to have a collector scene, context and coherency are key elements and Paul was one of the first to see the connections and to link private press and real people records to the canon of psychedelic music. Therefore, it is no surprise that many of the records he discovered are true classics and in this episode we play some of the records Paul discovered, and hear him telling the stories of how he found them. We also listen to a few records that are unknown to Paul but that we hope would fit his taste and his well-traveled ears. We couldn’t think of a better way to end this podcast, which has been running for over 6 years and almost 80 hours of recorded material, then to do it together with Paul. We want to thank all of you that have listened to our ramblings and that have participated, in one way or the other, to the show over the years. Thank you all!

Darius-s/t (Chartmaker, 1968)
-I Feel the Need To Carry On
Dark-Dark Round the Edges (Sis, 1972)
Jazz Bend Me Blues Band (Algar, 1967-68)  
-Happiness Dream
Morgen (ABC Probe, 1969)
Randy DeMoss and the Space City Group (Planet Records, 197?)
-Is This For Real?
Ray Harlowe and Gyp Fox (Waterwheel Records, 1978)
-Gettin’ Keyed
Sounds of Salvation-s/t (Reflection, 1974)
The Clap-Have You Reached Yet? (Nova Sol Records, 1972) -Out of the Shadows

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