Late Night Vibes


In this episode we go into a late-night mood with some nocturnal psychedelic and private press records. For many of the artists featured in this episode the information is scarce and most of them are still flying under-the-radar, so we hope to shed some light on these great records and hopefully you’ll find something new and interesting that you have not heard before.

Jazz Bend Me Blues Band (Algar, 1967/68)
-Lady Weaver
Moonlyte – Better Late Than Never… (Astro Records, 1974)
-Magic Stencils
Jimmy Thompson (Dek Records, 1969)
-In My Dreams
Last of the Unknowns (Thundermen, ?)
-1, 2 Many X´s
Ben Bogaardt – s/t (Can-Aussie Distributors, 1971)
Tim Callander – Future (IJCM, 1979)   
-Headin’ To Redwood

Thanks to Aaron Dunn for help with background info on the Brothers Bogaardt.