News From the Singles Department Part 2


Here we continue to explore some great psych 45s (press here for part 1). The focus in Part 1 was more on heavy psych and hard rock while in this epsiode we listen to some classic psych and folk-psych sounding singles. We also do a follow-up on Conception (which we included in Part 1) as we been in contact with more people involved in the band and we now have a more complete history of the group. In this episode we also introduce a new segment to the podcast where we highlight some newly released tracks and first out is the band Salt Lick with their heavy sounding Doctor (of Love). 

The Red House (Big K, 1969)
-Mary Anne
Simple Simon and the Piemen (Regency, 1967)
-People of Time
Plastic Cloud (Allied, 1968)
-Shadows of Your Mind
Conception (Perfection, 1969)
-The Game
David Santo (Phoenix, 1968)
-Rising of Scorpio
Yankee Dollar (Dot, 1969)
-Reflection of a Shattered Mind
Gerry Pond (Reprise, 1966)
-The Sometime Girl
Two Rivers! (Manfred Janssen/Jim Vautour) (CBC, 197?)
-Sweet Harmony

For more info on Salt Lick press here.