News From the Singles Department


This episode doesn’t follow a particular theme but instead focus around some recently acquired 45s. Although the theme is not clear it turned out to be a pretty heavy episode with some hard rock-sounding tunes, like Babylon, Rebel Woman and Lovin’ You (which was recently included on the Brown Acid compilation series). Other highlights includes a nice version of The United States of America’s Coming Down, done by an unknown band, which only known recording is an acetate we recently came across.  Special for this episode is that we also had the pleasure to interview Sid Bradley from the band Erik, who shed some light on this little-known group for us, which cut two great 45s in the early 70s. For this episode we have also talked to Charlie Day, who played in Conception, and John Lally from Travis, and they revealed some interesting facts about their groups and the recordings they made. We also wish to thank Lance Barresi from Permanent Records, who helped us get in contact with John Lally.

Travis (Starshine Production, 1970)
-Lovin’ You
Micah (Sterling Award, 1971)
-I’m Only One Man
-Child of the Sea (Coliseum, 1971) 
-Rebel Woman (Eden, 1972)
Unknown Artist – Coming Down (acetate by an unknown band, 196?)
The Group Image (Community, 1968)
Conception (Perfection, 1969)
Frank Monroe (Eternity, 1977)
-Looking Back at You
Home Grown (Westmount Records, 1976)
-Here in the West