As We Travel Mixtape – Hippie Anthems and Lysergic Manifestations


We’ve put together a new mix of mind-manifesting music, including some singer-songwriter tunes, communal folk, hippie idealism and plenty of hand drums. You can also listen to the mix on our soundcloud page. 

Thrower, Spillane and McFarland – Crow (Ranger, 1973)
F.B. Worster – Autumn’s Child (MPI, 1974)
Turid –Stjärnor och Änglar (Silence, 1975)
Cymbeline – Sixth Image (Green Light, 1971)
Bob McBride – 90 Degrees on the Moon (Capitol, 1973)
Peter Kelley – I Been Told (Sire, 1971)
Ptarmigan – Go Dancing (Columbia, 1974)
Lila – Beneath The Sky (Lila, 1978)
Shawi – Un Air De Printemps (Intervalle, 1981)
Om Shanti – We Are Home (Solace, 1977)
Kevin Vicalvi – Another Day, Another Time (Starizon Studio, 1974)
Kold Duc – Evil Woman (Vat, 197?)
John Braheny – Don't Cry For Me (Pete, 1968)
Rex Holman – Debbie (Pentagram, 1970)
Jerry Merrick – Please Clear the Air (Mercury, 1969)
John Berberian – The Fuzz (Excerpt) (Verve Forecast, 1969)