Episode 14 – The Affordable Care Act, an Exclusive Selection of Cheap Quality Records


In this episode Viktor take a stand for the cheap record and have picked out some affordable but still great singer-songwriter and folk albums for the show. In this age of high-bidding eBay auctions, record flippers and monster rarities everywhere it is easy to forget the vast amount of cheap quality music that is still around and easy to find. So in this episode we try to remember that great music doesn’t have to come with a big price tag.

Cheap vinyl – for your health!

Jerry Merrick - Follow Follow Follow (Mercury, 1969)
 -Sweet Baby
Tommy James - s/t (Roulette, 1970)
-Meet the Comer
Two Friends-s/t (Natural Resources, 1972)
-Long Way Hard Road
Jeffrey Cain - Whispering Thunder (Racoon, 1972)
-Soul Train
John Martyn- Inside Out (Island, 1973)
-Fine Lines
Mike Cooper - Do I know you? (Dawn/Janus, 1970)
-Think she knows me now
Sören Hansen - Ikväll (Mistlur, 1978)
-Dagen är över