Episode 12 - Psychedelic Folk Music!


Folk music played an important role in the development of psychedelic rock and folk musicians were part of introducing psychedelics to mainstream popular culture in the mid-‘60s, which until then had only been known among “bohemian jetsetters” and academics. In this episode we play some favorite folk-psych acts from different parts of the world. The selection of songs covers a broad spectrum of the genre and includes both group- and communal oriented bands, and solo acts as well as some of the many different styles, e.g. blues, eastern, “acid” and downer, which exist within the realms of psychedelic folk music. We hope you’ll enjoy!

C.O.B-Moyshe McStiff & The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart (Polydor Folkmill, 1972)
-Sheba's Return/Lion Of Judah
All That the Name Implies (Oro, 1968)
-Black Tuesday
Jake Holmes-The Above Ground Sound of (Tower, 1967)
Turid-Vittras Visor (Silence, 1971)
-Chrystal Shade of Loneliness
Graham James-What Is Me? (Rene, 1974)
-The Superlative Life Is Free
Peter Kelley-Dealin´Blues (Sire, 1971)
-He Could Never Feel
Oriental Sunshine-Dedicated To the Bird We Love (Philips, 1970)
-Across Your Life
Amory Kane-Just To Be There (CBS, 1970)

For more info on C.O.B, check out Patrick Lundborg’s excellent in-depth review and for the full story on Oriental Sunshine see Flashback Magazine issue #6.