Episode 10 - Welcome to the Psychedelic Lounge, an Introduction to Lounge Music with Stefan Kéry


This episode we dedicate to Lounge music and due to the vastness of Lounge albums being released we have invited the expert Stefan Kéry for a proper introduction to this brand of music. Lounge differs from many other types of music as it is not a music genre, style or a scene but is instead defined by the setting of where it is performed, namely in a Lounge environment. These bands were hired as the musical entertainment in cocktail bars at motels, resorts etc for the customers to enjoy while they were sipping their drinks. To keep the customers satisfied the band played a broad variety of styles, which often included familiar and popular tunes of the day. A few daring bands also had one or two self-penned songs in their repertoire. To make some extra money they usually had an album or two to sell to intoxicated customers during their show, and a small fraction of these Lounge albums have the X-factor that create an unique and sometimes psychedelic experience. In this episode Stefan Kéry, who has been collecting Lounge albums since the 1980s, has picked out a few of these special albums for us. So make yourself a cocktail and let Stefan guide you through the dim lit twilight zone that is Lounge music.

Willy Wall Trio-The Traveling Sounds (No label, 1969)
The J Ann C Trio-At Tan-Tar-A (Birdland, 1966)
Los Bandidos-Live At the Velvet Coach (Little Crow, 1972)
-Hey Jude
Lloyd Lindroth-Superharp (Mitchlind, 1970)
Sandra Kaye and the New Breed-On the Road (Dunn, 1973)
-Let It Ride
Onstage Majority-Solo Flight (No label, 1971)
-For Now
Kaplan Brothers-Nightbird (Quinton, 1976)