Episode 9 - Going Down The Garage-Psych Rabbit Hole with Måns P Månsson Part 2


In the last part of our two episodes with Måns P Månsson we focus more on the music and keep the talking to a minimum, as this is jam-packed with great garage-psych singles that Måns have picked out for the show. The selection is a mix of major label artists and obscure local presses, and includes both classics like The Third Bardo as well as less-discussed bands, such as The Spontaneous Generation and The XL’s. Just sit down, tune in and enjoy the Roller Coaster ride!

The Mystic Tide (Solid Sound, 1967)
- Frustration
Lemon Fog (Orbit, 1967)
-Echoes of Time
The Wild Things (Blue Onion, 1968)
-ACID (Another Colored Ink Drawing)
The Castaways (Fontana, 1968)
-Just On High
ESB (In Arts, 1967)
-Mushroom People
The Third Bardo (Roulette, 1967)
-Five Years Ahead of My Time
Stained glass (RCA-Victor, 1967)
-A Scene in Between
The XL's (Paro, 1968)
The Trolls (ABC, 1967)
-Baby, What You Ain’t Got (I Ain’t Need)
The Spontaneous Generation (Fevre, 1968)
-Up In My Mind