Guitar Wizards


In this episode, we celebrate the guitar and highlight some of our favorite guitarists. It’s not only through epic guitar solos and technical skill that make you a great guitarist, instead it’s about creating a mood and a feeling through your instrument. The guitarists featured in this episode have that skill and they really can pull some spellbinding guitar wizard tricks out of their hats.  

John Berberian and the Rock East Ensemble – Middle-Eastern Rock (Verve Forecast, 1968)
-The Oud and the Fuzz
Myke Jackson – Alone (Yi-Yi Records, 1975)
-In Search of a Home
David Chalmers – Primevil Road (Same Old Label, 1976)
Jeffery Liberman – s/t (Librah, 1976)
-Phenaphen #3
Steve Tibbetts – s/t (Frammis, 1977)
-The Secret
Bernie Schwartz –The Wheel (Coburt, 1970)
-Sunshine Woman