Episode 8 - Going Down The Garage-Psych Rabbit Hole with Måns P Månsson Part 1


In this episode we’re joined by the psychedelic expert Måns P Månsson and he brought some amazing garage-psych 45s from his exceptional collection to play for us. We also took the chance to ask him a little bit about his own music and the garage scene in 1980s, as well as the Stockholm based psychedelic “commune”, the Lumber Island Acid Crew. As we talked for almost two hours we had to split it up in two episodes and the second part will be released in two weeks.

Children Of The Mushroom (Soho, 1967)
- You Can't Erase a Mirror
Caretakers Of Deception (Sanctus, 1967)
- Cuttin' Grass
The Ninth Street Bridge (Cecile, 1968)
- Wild Illusions
The Dovers (Miramar, 1966)
- The Third Eye
The Daybreakers (Dial, 1967)
- Psychedelic Siren
Heather MacRae (ABC, 1967)
- Hands Of The Clock