Episode 9 - Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You, Spiritual and Religious Psych


In the last episode of the season we discuss religious and spiritual psychedelia. As you know, we have already talked about the Christian psychedelic scene in an earlier episode but here we take a broader perspective and tough upon some other religious and spiritual beliefs as well, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Eckankar. There is plenty of good records with religiously and spiritually themed psychedelia and in this episode we’re listening to some Jesus Rock by Wilson McKinley and Last Call of Shiloh and the more meditative mindset of the Christian community Trees. We also have a listen to the Eckist Michael Dobbins singing about Tarot cards, ESP and UFOs, as well as the Siddhartha of South Bronx - Bobby Callender and the floating mind of the Amazing Grace.

Last Call of Shiloh – s/t (Last Call, 1972)
-Great Day of the Lord
Bobby Callender-The Way (First Book of Experiences) (Mithra, 1971)
-Lord, Am I Dreaming
Trees – The Christ Tree (Pomegranate, 1975)
-Psalm 42
Amazing Grace (Baba Ram Dass) – Love Serve Remember (no label, 1973)
-Floating Mind
Wilson McKinley – Spirit of Elijah (Voice of Elijah, 1971)
-Spirit of Elijah
Michael Dobbins-Music For the Seeker (No label, 1975)
-Two Keys

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