Episode 8 - Songs From Biscuit City


Biscuit City was a folk and bluegrass label situated on the 17th avenue in Denver, Colorado. The label was founded by the two New Yorkers Jim Ransom (now Jai Ram Ransom) and Laura Benson and became a pivotal part of the local Colorado folk scene. During the years from 1973 to 1979 they released twenty-five albums in many different genres, including recordings by dulcimer and bluegrass bands, folk artists and singer-songwriters. In today’s episode we take a look at this seldom discussed label and dig out some of its treasures. 

We would like to thank Dan McCrimmon and Jai Ram Ransom for helping us with information for this episode.

Frummox - Here To There (Probe, 1969)
-There You Go
Dan McCrimmon - Colorado Folk, vol. I (1973)
-Legend of the Washeen
Jim Ransom - Just Came Along For The Ride (1974)
-Ballad of the Fisherman’s Son
Pete McCabe - Colorado Folk, vol II (1974)
-Sweet Jesus Goodbye
Randy Handley - Keepsake (1975)
Papa Always Said
Fingers Akimbo - Cowtowns & Other Planets (1978)
-Abu Dhabi Man

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