Arkivet Podcast Christmas Special – Highlights From the First Season


In this extra-long Christmas special episode, we do a recap of the first season (which we did in Swedish) and highlight some of our favorite music from the episodes. We have picked one or two songs that we like the most, with many being all-time favorites, from each of the episodes to include here. The set of songs will hence, be highly varied and include music from local psychedelic scenes, like Austin, San Francisco and Bosstown as well as specific genres, such as acid-folk, exploitation-psych and psychedelic pop.

We hope you’ll enjoy this selection of various psych music and wish you all happy holidays!

Skip Spence-Oar (Columbia, 1969)
-Little Hands
Common People-Of/By/For the Common People (Capitol, 1969)
-I Have Been Alone
Hickory Hollow (Musitron, 1968)
-Never Happen
St Steven-s/t (Probe, 1969)
-Bastich 1
Rebecca and the Sunny Brook Farmers –Birth (Musicor, 1969)
-Oh Gosh
Trizo 50 -s/t (Cavern Custom, 1974)
Cold Sun-Dark Shadows (Rockadelic, 1971/1989)
-Here in the Year
13th Floor Elevators-Easter Everywhere (IA, 1967)
Mu-s/t (RTV, 1972)
-Ain’t No Blues
These Trails-s/t (Sinergia, 1973)
-Share Your Water
Art Gee (Dominion, 1968)
-Tea Gardens
Thorinshield (Philips, 1968)
-Lonely Mountain Again
John Brahney-Some Kind of Change (Pete, 1968)
-Some Kind of Change
Bhagavad Gita (Phillips, 1967/World In Sound, 2006)
-Long Hair Soulful
Michael Angelo-s/t (Guinn, 1977)
-Check Out