Episode 7 - On the Airways of Imagination, A Continuous Exploration of Psychedelic Pop Music


We haven’t focused much on pop oriented songs lately so we thought we needed a psychedelic pop episode in this season. This sub-genre of psychedelic music is to our minds strongly linked to major label artists and with that also a bigger production and more commercial appeal compared to many private press releases. We don’t consider this to be anything negative and there was a lot of creativity at work here as well and some great use of studio sound effects. The majority of the songs in today’s episode is major label artists but we also play a few budget-label releases as well as some local and private presses.  

Georgie Porgie and the Cry Babies (Jubilee, 1968)
-The Lake
World of Oz (Deram, 1969)
-Like A Tear
NGC-4594 (Smash, 1967)
-Skipping Through the Night
Chris Lucey-Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest (Surrey 1965)
-Girl From Vernon Mountain
Spring Fever (Splitsound, 1968)
New Mix-s/t (United Artists, 1968)
-The Man
Badge (Orinj, 1978)
-It Doesn’t Mean
Suzanne-s/t (Birchmount 1969)