Episode 6 - DIY and Homemade Recordings in the 1980s


In this episode we focus on the very end of the first psychedelic period, namely the early 1980s. This period still links to the mindset of the late 60s but without becoming retro. Today’s selection is a mixed bag of DIY and later-phase hippie music. Genres in this episode includes folk-rock, singer-songwriters, AOR, real people music and rural rock but each of the artist brings their personal artistic vision into the mix that expand beyond genres to create something truly unique. We have tried to avoid the more classic titles of the 80s psych scene to instead concentrate on some of the less discussed albums. 

If you like psychedelia from the 1980s please have a listen to our previous episode on the topic, which can be found here.  

Jody Koenig-Passion Creek (Rave 1981)
-If I Walked For Miles
Expanding Circle – Conscious (No label, 1980)
-I Didn’t Believe
Michael Styers-Bearing a Gentle Message (Myrrdin 1980)
-Summer Evening Chant
Anne T McBride-Sands of Gold (Honey Bee 1982)
-Gypsy Rings
Shades of Rayne (New Orleans Trinity 1981)
-High Again
Patrick Bowler-Bits of Wit (No label 1980)
-Makem Shakem
Lazer (First Time Records, 1980)
-Sweet Thing