Episode 5 - The Heavy Metal Kids, Hard Rock and Heavy Psych Sounds Part 2


Here we continue to explore some more obscure heavy psych and hard rock singles. Except for the US artists in the episode, we also included two rare Swedish singles by Alexander Lucas and Zane as well as the UK band, Wolfrilla. There are a lot of new favorites for us in this episode and we hope you'll find some too. 

Zane (MM, 1976)
-Step Aside
Stone Axe (Rampart Street, 1971)*
-Slave of Fear
Raw Meat (Blue Hour, 1969)
-Stand-By Girl
Seeds (Productions Unlimited, 1972)
-Shuckin’ and Jiving
Wolfrilla (Concord, 1970)
-Come Tomorrow
Alexander Lucas (Efel, 1973)
-Svarta Skogen

For more information on Sky Saxon's musical escapades in the 70s check out Patrick Lundborg's lysergia page.

*For clarification, Doug Tull was the drummer of Josefus and not Stone Axe, I noticed that I was not clear on that point /Martin