Episode 3 - Songs From Down the Hall, Singer-Songwriters of the 1970s

In this episode we continue to explore the seemingly endless singer-songwriter genre, trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here the main focus is on private press albums from the 1970s and the episode includes several classics of the genre, such as Alicia May and John Wonderling as well as less obvious choices, e.g. Tom Rosplock, Mick Softley and Kevin Vicalvi. Furthermore, we also included the mountain hiking Texas duo Patterson & Pults as well as a recent favorite of ours, the mysterious Bob McAllen

Alicia May-Skinnydipping In the Flowers (Golden Anchor, 1976)
Bob McAllen-McAllen (Spirit 1971)
-It Depends
John Wonderling-Day Breaks (Paramount 1973)
Mick Softley-Sunrise (CBS 1970)
Kevin Vicalvi-Songs From Down the Hall (Starizon 1974)
-Lover Now Alone
Tom Rosplock-Tom Rosplock (Johnny Dollar, 1974)
-Wherever You Are
Patterson and Pults-Grand Tetons (1977)
-Loneliness is Only In Your Own Mind