Episode 5 - Melodic Midwest, Late '70s Psych From the Lowland States


It’s time again to return to Midwestern United States with a second episode of local/private press psychedelia from this region. We have already dedicated one episode in season 1 to Midwest, in which we included some of the finest artists of the psychedelic era, e.g. Zerfas and Wizards From Kansas. This time we have chosen to focus on the late ‘70s psych and it’s going to be a lot of melodic guitars, rural vibes and stoned grooves in this episode. To us the Midwest is one of the greatest regions in the US for '70s local/private press psychedelia and is perhaps only matched by the West Pacific (including the hippie states of California and Hawaii). It’s astonishing how so many of the top private press records that came out from the Midwest, like Anonymous and Rick Saucedo, if just mentioning the ones included in this episode. The reason to this is unknown to us but could it be the regions geographical displacement to the major labels in New York and Los Angeles with little chance of being discovered as a small band resulting in the release of the music on local labels or as private presses instead? 

Except Anonymous and Rick Saucedo we also tried to add some lesser known bands in this episode, like Windwords and Clockwork, which we hope you will enjoy as much. 

Rick Saucedo – Heaven Was Blue (Reality 1978)
-In My Mind
Windwords-Shootin’ the Breeze (WW 1979)
Ray Harlowe and Gyp Fox-First Rays (Waterwheel 1978)
-Gettin’ Keyed
Anonymous-Inside the Shadow (A Major label, 1976/1981)
-Baby Come Risin’
Clockwork-Clockwork (Greene Bottle, 1973)
-Country Side Woman


For interviews with Windwords and Anonymous done by Patrick Lundborg, please have a look at the Lysergia webpage and for Klemen Breznikar’s interview with Ron Matelic from Anonymous go to It’s Psychedelic Baby