Transitional Dawn mixtape – singer-songwriter, folk and psych

Here’s a new mix that I put together recently. It’s mainly folk and singer-songwriter music with some occasional downer vibes and a few psychedelic moments. It contains plenty of the (for the genres) typically introspective and dreamy moods but also more uplifting and breezy tracks. For you that listen to the podcast regularly will already be familiar with several of the artists but still I hope you can find something new to enjoy. 

Sun - Memories of the Mind (Up-Sun-Down, 197?)
Greenwood, Curlee and Thompson - Wandering (No label, 1972)
Kathy Smith - Travel In a Circle (Stormy Forest, 1971)
John Villemonte - This (Some, 1979)
Alicia May - Borderline (Golden Anchor, 1976)
Richard Kneeland - Sensations (No label, 1976)
Widsith - Rainfoot's Carnival (Alitha, 1972)
Joe Beck - Spoon's Caress (Verve Forecast, 1969)
Naomi - Love Song (Cottage, 1976)
JD Elias - Inventions of My Mind (BIRC, 1978)
Walkenhorst Brothers - Autumn Song (Chapie, 1977)
Scotti - Power Combination (Strawberry, 1974)
Bill and Howdy - Misty Morning Confrontation (Verve Forecast, 1968)
Penny Nichols - Mountain Song (Buddah, 1968)
Bobby Callender - Lord, Am I Dreaming (Mithra, 1971)
Jan and Lorraine - Gypsy People (ABC, 1969)