The Story of Rockadelic Records - Interview with Rich Haupt, part 1


This is the first part of an interview with Rich Haupt from Rockadelic Records, one of the earliest and most important labels for reissuing and releasing unreleased material of '60s and '70s psychedelia and heavy rock. Rockadelic was founded by Mark Migliore in 1988 to release records by contemporary Dallas bands and after a few 7” releases Mark invited Rich to join him. Both of them were heavy collectors and during that time they got the idea of releasing older material. This development seemed to have happened by coincident as Rich tracked down members of the band Hickory Wind and found out that they had unreleased recordings of their previous band, BF Trike. This became Rockadelic’s first LP release and was the first of many classic and today desirable titles from the label. The most notably of their records is the legendary Cold Sun album, which was previously unreleased but is now seen as one of the most important artifacts of the Texas psych scene. Mark Migliore tragically passed away in 1996 and Rich continued with the label on his own until the late '00s before he called it a quit.

In this interview Rich picks some of his favorites out of the around 60 releases that Rockadelic did and gives us the full backstory on them. The selection is varied and spans the whole Rockadelic discography from the earlier 7” releases of the Dallas neo-psych scene to some of the most well-known releases of the label.  

Lithium X-mas-Message To Charlie
Burnin' Rain-Dreams
BF Trike – Time & Changes
Cold Sun – South Texas
Kennelmus-Sylvan Shores
Gold-High On Your Love
Seompi – Summer’s Comin’ On Heavy

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