Mount Analogue 12" Debut


This is something different from what we usually post on this blog but I would like to share this with you. My brother has just released his first 12” record on his own Sunken Rock label and it's now available to order from Sunken Rock Bandcamp or Redeye Records. There will also be a release party this Saturday (12th of December) from 2 pm to 5 pm at Snickars Records here in Stockholm.

Sunken Rock is a newly formed label based in Stockholm, founded by Julius Göthlin and Magnus Dahl, both visual artists working within a wide range of medias. The idea with the label is to create a platform and release artists both working in the field of sound/ music and visual arts. Artists who work with sound but do not necessarily define themselves as musicians. The records become the meeting point and crossing between imagery and sounds.

The first release is a two track 12 inch with Mount Analogue. Analogue synthesizers are combined with hand drums and live rhythm instruments. A lo-fi soundscape with a touch of Mort Garson added up with rhythmic components, makes this to a sort of leftfield, or downtempo house affair.