From Xotic to Subliminal - The Stefan Kéry Interviews Part 2


In this second part of the interview we talk to Stefan Kéry about Subliminal Sounds as a reissue label. In the mid 80’s a “psychedelic community” started to take form in Stockholm around Stefan and other musicians, writers and friends interested in psychedelic culture. Many of the musicians would also release their music on Subliminal Sounds (see part one of this interview). This “commune” was named the “Lumber Island Acid Crew” (coined as somewhat of a joke by Patrick Lundborg), and where a gathering of friends to explore the realms of psychedelia while listen to rare and at that time unknown records, many of which later found their way into the well-known Acid Archives book. Stefan, being one of the most hard-core collector among them, introduced many new rare records to the group, which he had acquired through dealers around the world. He also located many of these artists and in some cases this contact lead to a reissue of the LP on his label. This did not only spread the music to a much wider audience but also gave the artists a change to tell their story for the first time. The music in the episode is rather diverse stretching from outsider psych-country to lounge-psych and murky downer folk but they are all connected through Stefan’s interest in the weird and esoteric. For all of you Madrigal fans Stefan also gives some new info about this mysterious band and promise that more is to come.

Jade Stone & Luv-Mosaics; Pieces of Stone (1977/2008)
Saturn-Saturn (1977/2014)
-The Rings of Saturn
Peter Grudzien-The Unicorn (1974/2007)
-The Unicorn
Madrigal-Madrigal (1971/2014)
-The Ballad (Dreams)
D.R. Hooker-The Truth (1972/2000)
-Forge Your Own Chains

An interview with Patrick Lundborg, Carl Abrahamsson and Stefan Kéry about the “Lumber Island Acid Crew” can be found here