From Xotic to Subliminal - The Stefan Kéry Interviews Part 1


Stefan Kéry runs the independent record label Subliminal Sounds, which releases both contemporary psychedelic music as well as reissuing rare and unknown LP’s from the golden age of psychedelia. He is also known as one of the top psych collectors, who already in the 80’s started to collect obscure records. In the first part of the interview we go back to the early 90’s and talk about the start of Subliminal Sounds and listen to some of the artists released on the label at that time. Stefan got the idea to start the record label in the late 80’s with the intention of releasing music made by friends sharing the same interest in psychedelic culture as him. This idea still lives on 26 years after the first release, while Subliminal Sounds from the mid 90’s also has expanded to make reissues of rare and obscure psychedelia, which will be the focus of the second part of this interview.

The episodes are rather long but we felt that we didn't want to edit any parts of the discussion and the interview is presented as it was recorded.

S.T. Mikael -Claustromania (1991)
-A New Era
Word of Life-Furthur Ahead (1992)
-Can You Feel It Flowing Free
Adam-Welcome Back (1995)
-Welcome Back
Stefan-Consecration (1995)
-One Star
S.T. Mikael-Mind of Fire (2007)

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