Episode 10 - Xian Psych Send Off


In this last episode of the season we will have a look at some Christian underground psychedelia and Jesus rock. The Christian sub-genre has some very desirable titles as many were privately pressed or released on custom labels with few copies made. The music covers the usual styles of the time, such as psychedelia, folk-rock and loner but with biblical or religious lyrics dealing with the loss of God in modern day society, the salvation through Christ and personal existential musings. Some of the bands were most likely on a missionary quest while many of the artists had a deeper personal relationship to their music and charged with lyrics about the apocalypse and the degradation of man it can really reach some deep parts, even for a non-believer. As with the sub-genre this episode is musically diverse, spanning from folk and folk-rock to heavy psych and acid rock. We included a few of the classics but many of the renowned artists are left out of this episode as we thought they have been covered elsewhere but check out the list on the bottom for some soul-searching classics.

Help (Custom Capitol) 1969
-Questions Why?
Ark-Voyages (No label) 1978
-New Civilization?
Concrete Rubber Band-Rising Savior (American Artists Custom) 1974
Our Generation-Dawning of the Day (Generation) 1971
-Near the End
Phoenix Sonshine-Shinin’ in the Light (Destiny) 1971
-Broken Wing
Focus-A moment’s Sunlight (RPC) 196?
-Someone Here or There

Exkursions-s/t (No label) 1971
-The Third Eye

More great Christian artists:
Dave Bixby
Search Party
Sixth Station
Last Call of Shiloh