Episode 6 - Crossover Town, Jazz-rock and other Fusions


This episode will end our short exposé on the UK underground scene and in this last episode we are concentrating on some interesting crossover music. During the progressive period the bands started to incorporate other genres like jazz and funk to a larger extent, which created crossover genres like jazz-rock and fusion. Especially jazz-rock was very vital during this period with major bands like Manfred Mann’s Chapter Three, Keef Hartly Band and Traffic but what is also interesting is the mixing of up-tempo and more dance oriented music as heard in the two last songs in the episode (Hold On to Your Mind was even a standard tune at the Loft in New York). Mixing of styles in this way created some really great music and we think this episode includes some of the best tunes in our UK underground series.

Christine Harwood-Nice To Meet Miss Christine (Birth) 1970
-Wooden Ships
Trifle-First Meeting (Dawn) 1971
-Home Again
Sunforest-Sounds of Sunforest (Deram Nova) 1969
-Magician In the Mountain
East of Eden-New Leaf (Harvest) 1971
-Bradshaw The Bison Hunter
Hemlock-Hemlock (Deram) 1973
-Just An Old Friend
Andwella-World's End (Reflection) 1970
-Hold on to Your Mind
Obeah Man (Bell) 1971
-Iron Horse