The LightDreams Trilogy - An interview with Paul Marcano

Paul Marcano, the man from space

Here we did an interview with Paul Marcano, one of the founding members of LightDreams, a Canadian trio known for their self released album Islands In Space from 1981. The album is considered among many psych collectors as one of the best psychedelic albums of the 80s, right up there with Sixth Station and Johnny Blackburn & Mary Lauren. Together with LightDreams Paul Marcano did two more albums, 10,001 Dreams and Airbrushing Galaxies, that formed a suite of three albums on the concept of space colonization but the music contains as much inner as outer space exploration.

This autumn Islands In Space will be reissued and 10,001 Dreams issued on vinyl for the first time. You can find more information on LightDreams and Paul's many projects on his webpage here.

Music featured in the episode:
Being Here (Previously unreleased first version)
Atmospheric Dreams (from Islands In Space, 1981)
Dreamer Forever (from Airbrushing Galaxies, 1983)