About this podcast


This podcast is our excuse for collecting records and talk about the music we like. The focus is mainly underground psychedelia, folk and progressive music from the 60s until the early 80s – just because we like that the best. We also aim to mix the regular podcast episodes with articles and interview of artists that haven't had their story told yet. We think that many unestablished musicians produced music that had a quality and originality which could be compared to that of many mainstream artists. The only main difference was that they, for whatever reason, never succeeded in or were able to promote their music. Thanks to dedicated collectors, books like Acid Archives and the internet many of the obscure artists now gets a second chance to be discovered and their music to be spread over the globe.

What we do here is just for fun and the music goes wherever our interest lies. The songs you will hear are stuff that we have found when searching for new music that we enjoy. Many artists are for us recent discoveries that we like to share and with this podcast we hope to introduce you to some great music.


"It's all and everything and nothing, it's the void" - Baba Ram Dass



A few of Martin's favorites (updated 2016-11-25)

Mu-same (RTV 1971)
13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere (IA 1967)
H.P Lovecaft-II (Phillips 1968)
Mandrake Memorial-Medium (Poppy 1968)
Darius-same (Chartmaker 1968)
Trees – The Christ Tree (Pomegranate, 1975)
David Crosby-If I Only Could Remember My Name (Atlantic 1971)
Thrower, Spillane and McFarland-Blue John (Ranger, 1973)
Mighty Baby-Jug of Love (Blue Horizon 1971)
Relatively Clean Rivers-same (Pacific 1976)


And some of Viktor's

H.P Lovecraft-II (Phillips 1968)
Bob Dylan-John Wesley Harding (Columbia 1968)
Kanye West-My dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy (Roc-A-Fella 2010)
Arcade Fire-Funeral (Merge 2004)
Gandalf-same (Capitol 1968)
Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones (Island 1983)
Drake -Take Care (Young Money/Cash Money/Republic 2011)
Father John Misty -Fear Fun (Sub Pop 2012)
Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street (Rolling Stones 1972)
Frank Ocean - Channel Orange (Island/Def Jam 2012)